Review: Big Love - The Greater Good Season 4, Episode 2

Just when I thought I had a handle on everything surrounding the swirling complex vortex that is Big Love, Bill decides the best way to protect his already complicated family from slipping even further out of each other's grasp is to run for public office. Politics, it truly is nature's weed whacker. It aims to clean up messes, even if it destroys everything surrounding it in the process.

Now that Roman is dead and almost buried, talk of a new prophet is rising. In the red corner stands Alby, a frail, shadowy, smarmy little man with plenty to hide and expectations to live up to that everyone knows he can't possibly meet. And in the blue corner stands Bill, a rock of a man with just as much to hide but an ambition and willingness to stand and protect his beliefs, even in the face of unfathomable scrutiny and ridicule. Who does it sound like would come out on top in this sparring match?

The whole episode feels like a mix of seeming predictable moments and setups to interesting surprises, starting with Alby's torrid love for Dale. It isn't public knowledge yet in the hotbed of grapevine gossip that is Juniper Creek, but it feels like the easy way to prevent him from gaining too much power or the chip they can call in that they don't know they have. It also feels like a great way of keeping Bill in check. Basically, it feels like everything has been sewn up before it has a chance to be pulled tight.

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