DROP DEAD DIVA ''Good Grief'' Review Season 2, Episode 11

The Good Grief episode of DROP DEAD DIVA is all about grieving and taking chances. Jane's dreams are invaded by an irate old Jane, who is upset Jane has co-opted her life without honoring it. Then Jane represents a recently widowed sales account manager (Barry Watson) who was fired for continually wearing a clown costume to help him deal with his grief. Kim and Parker represent a producer of a The Bachelor-type show who is being sued by a contestant who was promoted by the network as a crying hot mess when she melted down after not being chosen by the smarmy bachelor (Jake Pavelka). In a twist, her loss was rigged by the producer who had fallen in love with her but was too afraid to say anything. Kim has second thoughts about the risks of dating the boss while Fred continues wooing Stacy, no matter the risk.

I admit it. I suffer from coulrophobia. Carrie Bradshaw was right: There's nothing scarier than a clown. That said, how could I not root for the poor, sad clown who just missed his wife and needed his costume to feel like he could get through the day. Grayson's speech about missing Deb is surprisingly touching. I do want Jane to stop wallowing in his grief, even though it helped her reach the clown. The ''I'm here. anytime makes me sigh. Jane, no matter how much the Deb part of her still loves Grayson, needs to let go for now. Their time will come, just not yet.

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