'Sex and the City 2' poster: Why doesn't my sand glitter?

Ack! Guys, I've just been blinded. (And therefore hope I don't make any typos as I wri5heighte t$is p05t.) And it's all because of this new Sex and the City 2 poster, which is so shimmery and shiny, it could be fashioned into a hat for Aretha Franklin. (Yes, I'm still making Aretha Franklin hat jokes. How 2009 of me, right?)

Two things also came to mind when I looked at the poster: 1) The laces on Carrie's shoes look like they're going to trip her at any moment, and 2) When Carrie walks on sand, it glitters. When I walk on sand, it just gets stuck between my toes until my cat licks it off. But maybe Carrie is just walking on a desert made of bronzer.

Either way, I love the glasses.

Does this make you psyched for the sequel, PopWatchers? And what does sand do when you walk on it?

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