Review: Desperate Housewives - How About a Friendly Shrink? Season 6, Episode 13

Let's face it, all the Wisteria Lane residents need some one-on-one time with a shrink. From past episodes, we know that Tom and Lynette need to discuss their issues with the loss of the baby, Lynette's need for control and Tom's frustrations; while Orson and Bree need to cope with her affair with Karl and Orson being in a wheelchair and acting like a spoiled brat. This week, we can add that Gaby and Susan need to get over their need for competition and accept their children as they are; Bob and Lee must deal with their marital problems; and Angie needs advice so she can let new people in her life, aka Ana as Danny's new girlfriend.

Out of our favorite Wisteria Lane residents, only five met with a shrink and that includes Katherine, whom we finally (!) get news of.

Bree and Orson

I'm already sick and tired of their storyline, aren't you? I'll sound like a broken record but I used to love Bree and Orson together until the writers wrecked their storyline and made me despise Orson to the point I wanted him off the show. I love Kyle MacLachlan but Orson has been a pain in the behind and things are getting worse every week.

The physical therapist was right when saying that some people cope with terrible events, such as now being stuck in a wheelchair, by sometimes being mean to the ones they loved and that, when they accept their fate, they get better. I don't believe Orson's meanness towards Bree is solely is coping mechanism. Orson acts like a spoiled brat and seems to be choosing his words and moments he makes request really carefully.

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