Recap Passions: Monday, January 14, 2008

Tabitha is complaining to Endora that she has to make breakfast the mortal way since Miguel has been complaining about her using magic. It appears as if Tabitha doesn't like the excess baggage that comes with being a mortal; for example, cleaning up after cooking and having to physically cook. She decides to use magic to clean up but is caught red handed by Kay. Kay tries to talk Tabitha out of practicing witchcraft. Tabitha tells Kay that Miguel is ungrateful since she rescued him from the pits of hell. She vows to find the letter Miguel wrote giving details to expose her as a witch, and then turns him into a toad. Tabitha is disappointed in Kay for giving into Miguel's demand. In addition, Tabitha accuses her of ignoring the women's movement; Kay is acting as if women have no say in making decisions. Kay accuses Tabitha of messing with her happiness, and Tabitha accuses Kay of betraying their friendship. A war broke out between the two witches. Tabitha leaves to go find Miguel's letter in order to destroy him. Kay strikes her with her magic, and it turns into an all-out witch brawl with spells flying back and forth. Miguel overhears and decides to check it out. He gets on their case about going back on their word re: using magic. He tells them both to live up to their oath not to use magic again. Tabitha and Kay agree, but Endora knows that Tabitha won't heed Miguel's warning.

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