Review: Ghost Whisperer - Blessings in Disguise Season 5, Episode 12

Once again this week, Ned gets involved with a girl who is haunted. You can't hold it against him since he can't see/hear ghosts to know if he is getting into a muddy situation or not, and the writers do have to find ways to keep Ned involved in most episodes since he is a regular character.

To my delight, and I'm sure a few other viewers, Steven Culp guest stars in the episode! I have been a fan since he first appeared on JAG as Special Agent Clayton Webb and have been missing him as Rex Van Der Kamp on Desperate Housewives since his character was killed off.

Was Melinda able to get both Ned and Steven Culp's character out of their muddy haunting? My two cents coming up!

I'm glad that the show didn't make things between Ned and Delia instantly peachy and that they still have things to work on. Sadly, often shows quickly resolve conflicts and move on to the next storyline. The type of conflict that Ned and Delia had is rarely resolved in a second and it usually takes days or weeks to patch everything up. Mother and son are clearly willing to make things work but Ned is still hiding a few things from his mother and Delia still thinks her son could go back to cheating on a girlfriend. But Ned has learned is lesson.

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