Recap Passions: Tuesday, January 15, 2008

While at the Crane mansion, in the living room, Viki receives a call from Alistair ordering her to kill Ethan, and Viki wonders if she can kill Ethan since he has been so nice to her. Alistair left a knife in a box, by the fire place, for Viki to use. As soon as Ethan and Esme enter the living room, Viki hides. Esme discovers her and offers her something to eat. Viki accepts. She imagines Ethan and Esme, making out, and all she wants to do is kill Ethan. Ethan returns from the kitchen with the food, and Viki raises the knife to his back. Esme returns, so Viki has to hide the knife. Esme and Ethan discuss each other's love lives, and Ethan advises Esme to keep to herself. Viki stays close by and watches them and constantly imagines that they are having a make out session. At one point, she drops the knife, and Ethan and Esme hear it, but she is able to hide it. Esme has to go upstairs to fetch something for Ethan and tells Viki to text her if she needs anything. Viki replies by speaking out loud, and Esme is excited to hear Viki speak. Ethan wants to take them to the book café to celebrate, but all Viki wants to do is to kill Ethan.

Pretty visits Alistair in the hospital and gives him a few choice words for ordering Spike to kill her. Alistair tries to enlist her help in breaking up Luis and Fancy, but Pretty tells Alistair that she refuses to help him, ever again. Alistair tells her that he never meant for her to get hurt and never expected her to fall for Luis. In addition, he tells her that if she wants Luis, she can have him, but first, she has to help him get Fancy under his control again. Alistair further manipulates her by telling her that Luis is the only man that has made her feel like a woman, and that's all Pretty needs to hear. She tells Alistair that they are partners again, and Alistair whispers, in her ears, his instructions. Meanwhile, Luis, Fancy, and Marty are that the hockey game. Fancy makes sure to tell Luis that she hopes to become close with Marty because she wants to be a part of his life. Luis asks Marty how he would feel if he and Fancy were to get married, and Marty seems to be ok with the idea. While Luis and Marty are engrossed in the game, Fancy sees the lights go dim and suddenly hears a creepy voice that says, "score!" Luis notices Fancy's uneasiness and asks what's wrong. Fancy tells him that she hears the voice of the devil and thinks something evil awaits her. Luis tells her that it's Alistair. Fancy asks Luis to reassure his love for her, and he tells her that he loves her and nothing will tear them apart.

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