THE OFFICE "Scott's Tots" Review (Season 6 Episode 12)

What did you think of tonight's episode of The Office, Scott's Tots? Every time Michael takes a step forward he takes 3 back. His cringy behavior reached new levels tonight in Scott's Tots.

I thought his appearance at the stock holder's meeting was as bad as it could get. I've never felt so uncomfortable watching an episode ofThe Office, British or American, than watching Michael tell those kids he couldn't pay for their college tuition like he promised.

And what was with the laptop batteries? Surely he could have just given the kids cash instead (which would have only been slightly better). Also, it just shows how selfish Michael is that he told the truth right when the kids were graduating. He could have told them a few years earlier and gave them all time to save up money.

I really think Dwight is going too far with his diabolical plans to take down Jim. I hope it all comes back to bite him. And now he has Ryan on his side! This is bad news. Ryan is actually smart. Well, except when he messed up his fast track career at corporate by becoming a coke addict only to find work at a bowling alley. Okay, maybe he won't be so much help to Dwight after all.

What do you think is going to happen with all of this? I think Ryan is going to end up selling Dwight out for his own gain (I hope).

Also, can we talk for a minute about how good Dwight's impression were of the people in the office? They were scary good. The Toby one was my favorite but he did an exceptional Kevin and Stanley as well.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes and moments from "Scott's Tots":

- Andy's baby talk

- Michael's Elvis impression - "Thank you, thank you a lot"

- "Mr. Scott, what you going to do, what you going to do? Make our dreams come true!" (cringe!)

That's all I have for this week. Next week's episode is called "Secret Santa". I hope it will be less cringe inspiring than Scott's Tots!

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