Recap Passions: Monday, January 21, 2008

Eve awakens because Valerie/Vincent is holding a pillow over her head. She seems scared out of her mind because it appears as if Valerie is about to suffocate her. Valerie admits that the thought crossed her mind, but she is not Vincent. Eve is confused because she knows Vincent is Valerie. However, Valerie wants Eve to differentiate between the two, since they want to remain as separate individuals. Eve tells Valerie that she is scared out of her mind because of Valerie. Valerie tells Eve that she is about to meet Julian and spend some quality time with him, since Eve kicked him to the curb. Eve remarks that she gave up Julian because of Valerie, and then she reminds Valerie that Julian is her father, but Valerie doesn't seem to care. Julian appears at the hospital and sees Valerie. They hug each other. Valerie faints and Julian catches her. Julian insists on calling a doctor for Valerie, and she screams at Julian to not call. Valerie tells Julian that she already has a doctor. He tells Valerie that Eve is in rehab and is in no condition to treat her. Besides, he tells her, the hospital suspended her from practicing because she accidentally gave Jonathan the wrong prescription. Valerie knows that she cannot see another doctor because of her male/female condition, so she tells Julian that she doesn't need to see an unknown doctor.

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