'Life Unexpected' Recap: Wait, Two Love Triangles?

On Life Unexpected, we finally get to see the start of one of the show's promising premise - the classic love triangle, of course!

Make that love triangles, actually, because as Cate (Shiri Appleby) and Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) begin to kind of rekindle some old dead flame, we also meet the guy who is potentially giving Bug some competition for Lux (Britt Robertson).

And just like the Cate-Baze-Ryan triangle and all the love triangles in the history of mankind, the Lux-Bug-Jones is pretty steep in dichotomous comparisons, too. Jones is blonde, Bug is bald; Jones has a car, Bug steals cars; and Bug is rugged and hot, Jones is still beautiful even if he doesn't appear to comb his hair.

But seriously, the whole rebellious-daughter-rebelling-against-her-trying-to-be responsible-parents storyline has run its course. Lux getting into all these mischief is really starting to become annoying, not to mention patently formulaic. He was introduced as this wise-cracking, street-smart girl, now reduced to someone aspiring to be one of the cool kids - very out of character.

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