Recap Passions: Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sheridan is worried that Fancy is getting too close to Marty. Luis jumps to Fancy's defense and tells Sheridan that Fancy is in his life for good, and he wants Marty to be comfortable with her. Pretty is observing Fancy and decides to mess with the device in her head. Consequently, Fancy starts to twitch, and Marty asks if she is okay. Fancy then tells Marty to go to his mom. Luis walks over to Fancy and remarks that she is becoming good friends with Marty. Luis also suggests that Fancy become friends with Sheridan again. She continues twitching because Pretty has activated the device planted in her head. Suddenly, Fancy lashes out at Luis, calling him all sorts of names and yelling at him for sleeping with everyone in her family. Sheridan, Luis, and Marty are appalled by Fancy's behavior. Marty holds on to his mom and tells her that Fancy is behaving like Alistair. Pretty seems be enjoying her little game, she thinks that Luis will be hers in no time. Luis decides it's best to remove Fancy from Marty's surroundings, but Marty is afraid that if Luis leaves, Alistair will come back for him. Fancy laughs and tells Marty that Alistair is probably hiding underneath the bed, waiting to take him away. Sheridan and Luis have had it and want Fancy to leave, but she stays put. Pretty decides to stop playing with the device and goes to Sheridan's cottage where she pretends she has saved the day by helping Fancy to her room. In addition, she tells Luis and Sheridan that Fancy has been prone to having outburst ever since she was a child. Luis is grateful to Pretty for getting Fancy away from the cottage. Marty calls Fancy a bad person after she leaves the cottage. Sheridan reassures him that Fancy will not go near him again and that she and Luis will never leave him.

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