FLASHPOINT ''Severed Ties'' Review Season 3, Episode 11

Season 3 Episode 11 of FLASHPOINT, 'Severed Ties' dealt with a mother who kidnaps the two daughters she had lost custody of four years before. The SRU team are on the hunt to find the kidnapper before she flees the city.

Maggie, the biological mother and kidnapper, was a drug addict who has been clean for four years. This draws parallels with Parker’s life: his ex-wife and son are estranged because of his alcohol problem. The similarities are called out by Jules, which makes Parker sharply remind her that he never kidnapped his son. Nor have they had any sort of relationship for over a decade; as the episode opened Parker learned that his son broke his arm via his cousin on Facebook.

The two little girls do not seem very perturbed to be kidnapped by a knife wielding stranger. There’s no tears and few cries for their parents. Prior to kidnapping them, no one thought to tell Maggie that her children were adopted at the last minute. Social services severed all ties between Maggie and her girls, which seems highly unbelievable. They did not even deliver birthday cards.

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