UNNATURAL HISTORY ''Public School Enemies'' Review Episode 6

Henry has a few problems in UNNATURAL HISTORY's sixth episode, Public School Enemies. Hooded hooligans are vandalising lockers. Public Enemy No. 1, gangster John Dillinger, has a car on display in the museum which reveals clues to a whole lotta mullah and Henry has to overcome a traumatic childhood incident involving a car crash in Turkmenistan before earning his driver’s license.

Jasper's laptop is stolen right out of his locker by the vandals and despite Henry's best efforts to track them down, they escape. It turned out to be a surprisingly sweet storyline at its conclusion, when he confessed to Henry that, saved on his laptop is his precious diary, containing his loves, hates, thoughts and dreams. It was great to see he was more than just the resident screwball screw-up.

Chasing the hooligans, Henry pops open John Dillinger's car which, of course, reveals several unknown clues leading to a treasure. The trio suss out that Hoover (Dillinger's FBI nemesis) used the Dean's office way back in 1934 when the FBI briefly occupied the Smithson. Henry channels Sherlock Holmes and they find a secret room and a recording of Hoover interrogating Dillinger's driver, Edward Z. Macintosh. This was not the first time Unnatural History has slipped in some humor for adults or kids with older loudmouth siblings. After Maggie frantically stopped the recording of the interrogation, Jasper's horrified exclamation Hoover cut off his instrument? and Henry's (holding up a valued clarinet) wry If you mean this instrument, yes, were nice additions to a growing list of mature innuendo.

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