THE CAPE Comic Con 2010 Panel (With James Frain, Summer Glau, and more)

I got to see a special sneak peak of the pilot episode for THE CAPE at Comic-Con 2010 and thought that the show looked pretty good. I’m not a huge comic book person and though The Cape definitely has the look and feel of a comic, it didn’t overdo it. It had plenty of laughs and a lot of action and gadgets, which is of course to be expected with this type of show. It also had a bit of a theatrical and carnival feel to it as some of the characters are “carnies”.

About a man who seems to be the last honest cop left in a town full of corruption, The Cape takes us through Vince Faraday’s journey as he gets framed for murder and then takes on the identity of his son’s favorite hero “The Cape” to fight back.

As the viewing of the pilot took up most of the hour allotted, there wasn’t a lot of time for the panel discussion but the guests did manage to answer quite a few questions. On hand were cast members Summer Glau, Dorian Missick, James Frain, Keith David, Vinnie Jones and Martin (“Marty”) Klebba, as well as composer Bear McCreary, creator/executive producer Thomas Wheeler, showrunner/executive producer John Wirth and producer David Lyons.

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