Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 3, Episode 5 - Indian Summer

Dawson catches Eve, who is leaving Jen's house through the window. Eve disappears again, and Dawson becomes curious enough to look for her. He can't find her anywhere -- she is not really a Capeside High student, and nobody remembers her in the strip joint. Dawson and Pacey finally notice Eve on the street and follow her to a boat, which apparently serves as her temporary residence. Dawson searches the boat and finds an old photo of a woman who looks like Eve. He steals the photo. Eve comes to Dawson's house and asks him to return the photo. He demands an explanation in return. Eve says the woman on the photo is her birth mother, who she is looking for. Dawson believes Eve and returns the picture. Eve leaves -- not just Dawson's room, but Capeside altogether. Dawson comes to Jen's house and unexpectedly sees Eve's mother on a photo. He asks Grams who this is, and she tells him it's her daughter, Jen's mother.

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