'Parenthood' Episode 5 - 'The Situation' Recap

It's really getting hard to watch 'Parenthood,' and not in a "Gee, this show is so painfully real that it makes me question the true nature of love and family devotion" kind of way.

It's quite the opposite.

The seams are really starting to show as the episodes try to stretch across an entire season. It now feels so unbelievable because of the lackluster characters and dialogue that I'm starting to feel just as bored as the people look on the screen.

This week's episode was filled with moments that just had me shaking my head at how unrealistic the scenes felt. It's also gotten so run-of-the-mill and ordinary and has lost any cohesiveness with its running story lines. It's hard to like a show that keeps giving me one less reason to look forward to tuning in every week.

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