Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 3, Episode 7 - Escape from Witch Island

Instead of writing a paper on the book "Crucible", Dawson, Joey, Jen and Pacey are allowed to film a documentary about Witch Island. The documentary clearly mocks "The Blair Witch Project". When the four friends reach the island, a young lady in the gift shop tells them to be careful and avoid going to the woods. Later, Pacey and Jen get separated from Dawson and Joey. The guy who brought them to the island leaves in his boat, refusing to stay on the island after dark. Unwilling to leave without their friends, Dawson and Joey search for Pacey and Jen. They reunite in an old church. In the middle of the night, they all get scared by loud strange noises. They run to the docks, find a boat and escape. Later, Dawson shows the documentary in class, and one of his classmates notes the two silhouettes on the shore. Apparently, it's the gift shop lady and a boat guy, who played a prank on gullible kids.

Before the trip to the island, Joey notices than Dawson doesn't know much about things that have happened to her lately. On the island, she expresses her discontent with the current state of their relationship. She fears their connection is going away, and she isn't sure anymore he still loves her. To illustrate her point, she extensively quotes one 17th-century alleged witch's diary, bought at the gift shop. Dawson is reluctant to discuss the present, but says he is sure they'll find each other eventually. After the trip, his friendship with Joey seems to be restored. They sit on his bed, talk and watch the Witch Island documentary.

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