Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 3, Episode 9 - Four to Tango

Pacey and Jen are making out in Dawson's room, trying to get sexually excited, but failing to do so. Unexpectedly, Dawson comes home. Jen escapes through the window, but Pacey doesn't have time to. Thus, he pretends he is just playing a computer game. Later, Dawson finds a condom on the floor.

Pacey's grades are slipping again, and his guidance counselor informs him that he's failing math. Pacey asks Joey for help. She agrees, but only if Pacey will go with her to ballroom dance lessons, which she needs to attend in order to get some scholarship. They spend time studying and dancing. The dancing part is being kept a secret and Dawson notices that Pacey and Joey have some mutual subject they refuse to discuss. Pacey doesn't enjoy either activity, and he tells Joey that in the past (during the fling with Tamara and relationship with Andie), it was sex that encouraged him to study. Joey sarcastically says that it's the worst pick-up line she has ever heard, but Pacey says (in vaguely hypothetical terms) that he already has a sex-with-no-love pact with someone.

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