The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap: "Week 2"

It's week two at the ranch and Bob and Jillian are tag-teaming the contestants - notably the White team. Michael says he had no clue he was 526 pounds and knows that the only thing he's close to is dying. Bob vows to be his cheerleader, and the two hug it out with a sweaty kiss on the cheek.

Jillian, meanwhile, pulls John outside to find out why he's really 500 pounds. He reveals that his family is cursed and he couldn't handle when his dad died, followed by his grandma and older sister. Jill tells him, "This can all change. Anything you want you can have."

Dr. H pays a visit to remind the contestants that they are by far and away the most unhealthy and at-risk group they've had. He then hands each team a task. White must watch as Bob simulates what it feels like for a normal weight man to have the amount of excess fat that Michael does. Once he packs on the pounds, Bob is physically uncomfortable. "How are you living like this?" he asks. Purple watches a video of Dr. H making a house call to their family. He tells Patti's husband and daughter about how serious her diabetes are and that Stephanie is on an accelerated track to dying young as the result of something she could have prevented. Red learns that weight will cost them over 3 million dollars over the rest of their lives, especially since Lance lost his lucrative job as a commercial diver due to his size. Orange's task directly affects Jillian as they have to watch how their unhealthy diet affects a healthy person like Jill. "You did not eat this in a day," is her reaction as she chows down on the "pure crap" Daris and Cheryl usually consume.

This week's challenge has the players test their balance as they must traverse across a beam over water in order to bring all their team-colored balls to the other side of the pool. The winner receives the coveted immunity, while the losing team will get a two-pound penalty for this week's weigh-in. Maria from the white team is terrified of the water, and as all the other teams are faring fairly well, she takes a nosedive into the ground and starts bleeding profusely. While Red wins the competition, White gets stuck with the penalty since Maria is taken to the hospital and her son Michael accompanies her her rather than completing the task.

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