NCIS Episode Recap: "Flesh and Blood" Season 7, Episode 12

The 150th episode of the number one show on TV ushers in some classic Hollywood flavor in the form of one Robert Wagner. What it means for NCIS fans is that we finally learn more about Tony Dinozzo since the former Hart to Hart actor is playing Anthony Dinozzo, Sr. Kudos to all involved with the show for this perfect casting decision.

Hey there, I'm Tina Charles. I'm normally the Supernatural blogger, but I'm also a pretty recent NCIS addict. I can't even say fan, I've definitely moved on to addiction where this hit show is concerned. I couldn't let the milestone 150th episode of NCIS go by without paying the show the respect it deserves. So for one time only, I'm blogging an episode.

I admit to being very curious about Tony's past. Sure, Tony drops hints every once in a while, but for the most part his past has remained a mystery. Bringing on Daddy Dinozzo is such a good thing. We get to see Tony in a much different light than we've really ever seen him before. With his father, he's not as confident. Tony Sr. can give him one look and he's spilling information about his case. Tony's fixing his hair in the mirror but as soon as his dad says "Junior," he's rushing to follow his dad out the door. That was such a telling action. From the moment McGee tells Tony he has a visitor and he sees that it's his dad he kind of regresses. He gets embarrassed over a lot of his dad's behavior (especially of the flirty kind). It's much like Gibbs did in "Heartland" and the more recent "Faith."

Usually I get caught up in the cases as well as the character-driven goodness they give us on a weekly basis, but this time around, I didn't pay as much attention to the assassination attempt on the Prince. It's all about the relationship between Dad and Junior; Tony and Gibbs; as well as the scenes between Mark Harmon and Robert Wagner.

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