New How To Train Your Dragon Poster Check out the new international art

We've seen the new DreamWorks Animated film How To Train Your Dragon (and we saw it in 3D) and it's a rather gorgeous story of the love between boy and, er, dragon. And now here's a new poster to give you an idea what you're in for, showing leading man Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and the dragon he befriends, who he calls Toothless.

The film takes place in a Scottish-accented Viking settlement on a remote island, which is attacked regularly by hordes of dragons rustling sheep and burning down houses. The big, burly villagers train in fighting the creatures, and weedy Hiccup wants to join them - but even his flare for invention can't quite make up for his lack of big, bearded, manly Vikingness. Until, that is, he shoots down one of the fabled Nightwings, and goes looking for his kill - only to discover a beast who's still alive, and not at all what he expected.

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