'Burn Notice' - 'Good Intentions' Recap Season 3, Episode 15

Every now and then, it's fun to watch what happens when Michael or Sam or Fiona don't have the upper hand in a situation. This penultimate episode of the season was one of those with lots of flying by the seat of their pants and taking a walk on the wild side ... whether they wanted to or not.

Special guest star Carlos Bernard -- Tony Almeida on '24' -- brought the kind of hard ass edge that's typical for '24' but a different flavor for 'Burn Notice.' His whole reason for being a hard ass was complicated and more important than money. But the best part of Gabriel was that he was so scary that Fiona was actually frightened. You don't see that often. And just the prospect of losing Fiona had Michael losing his cool.

When Fiona finally got the drop on Gabriel, his choosing to burn himself to a crisp rather than being caught by the police was a shocker. So was Fi's insistence on saving him despite himself. Michael's rescue was just in the nick of time because Fiona would not have been able to fireman-carry Gabe out of the burning building.

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