Review: The Amazing Race - It Starts With an F, That's All I'm Saying Season 15, Episode 10

Next week is the big season finale of The Amazing Race. But this week the last four teams have to battle it out for the prized final three slots racing for the finish line. So, you would think this is the time to put on the big boy (or girl) pants, step up to the plate, give it your all, and a thousand other corny trite sayings. Alas, one team tonight has a huge fail. Of all the legs to fall apart and go kerflooey, this one so near the finale is cruel indeed. Too bad, so sad.

I realized a few things tonight about Megan and Cheyne. Although he's a bit cocky and she's a bit shrieky at times, I think what bugs me the most about them is the monopolizing the leads. Perhaps it reminds me of the popular kids back in high school who always seemed to get everything. They are a good team, but their winning so many legs tends to make me pick them apart more. I begrudgingly admit that if they win it all, they'll deserve it. They've run the race the best so far.

However, I guess I'm a share the wealth kind of person. I don't like to see one person, one team, one group win all the time. It takes the suspense out of things. Tonight was no exception to the rule for most of the season. Megan and Cheyne started ahead of the others and took another first place win. I'm not saying they didn't deserve it. They didn't bicker like their closest competitors, Sam and Dan. That's a plus in my book.

I so couldn't believe the massive fail on the part of the Globetrotters. One of the things I enjoy so much about this show is that it often has an intelligence about it that you don't see on other reality shows. For example, the Globetrotters fail tonight was something which a person with the knowledge of Franz Kafka's works and the fact that he was from Prague should have been a cinch.

None of the teams seemed to understand the absurdity of Kafka-esque in the roadblock. But then again, a mix of the letters in "Franz" to spell a word doesn't seem that tough. One vowel, four consonants, not so hard. To take a four-hour penalty is to blow the entire race. I enjoyed watching Big Easy and Flight Time, but they threw the towel in on this one.

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