The Original 'A-Team': What They're Doing Today

The new 'A-Team' movie is about to hit a theater near you and as we were all being bombarded with trailers and ads, a curious thought kept creeping into my mind: just who the hell is this new 'A-Team'?

Liam Neeson, Bradley Whitford Cooper, Quintin "Rampage" Jackson: this isn't the crack commando unit still wanted by the government who solve problems that no one else can if you can find them (start in the phonebook, probably under "A"). These are imposters, charlatans, fakes, phonies and possibly poor disguises that are part of some complex plot to solve some poor schlub's problem.

What happened the real 'A-Team,' the one we all knew and presumably loved? I decided it was time to do a little digging. I started at the Pentagon and the National Archives. Both representatives insisted there was no such thing as an "A-Team," but I knew that was just a ruse. All part of the plan, as Hannibal would say. The truth may surprise you.

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