'Caprica' recap: Sipping Scorpion Ambrosia in the dead girl's empty bedroom Episode 6

Tomas Vergis looks a little bit like a propaganda cartoon version of Daniel Graystone. He wears the same suits, but with better tailoring, and with the added hint of blue-collar Tauronese muscle underneath those fitted shirt sleeves. Danny Graystone is a family man, a failed father who needs his wife to rescue him from Baxter Sarno. Tommy Vergis (go ahead, call him Tommy, we're friends) goes on Sarno with a gift bag of Tauron cigars, radiating nonchalant charisma as he teases Caprica City about his immigration plans. (Watching him on Sarno, I thought he looked a little bit like an alternate-universe Richard Burton who never drank before dinnertime and never married the same girl twice).

Tomas Vergis is, in short, the kind of Tauron everyone, even your traditional Caprican grandmother, would love. Just make sure he doesn't roll up those shirt sleeves. Grammy might be understanding, but those tattoos will give her a heart attack.

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