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Entourage was back this week after last Sunday's Labor Day hiatus.

For the first half of this season of Entourage, I kept asking in my reviews, "Does this season have any sort of longer-term, developing plot?" It had seemed to me like the answer to this was the "Vince has a stalker" concept, which lasted for a good 3 episodes, and I thought was going to continue until the end of the season. But...this episode quickly brought that storyline to a resolution (so quickly, in fact, that I didn't even realize at first - thanks chrisjodkhe).

This episode's revelation was that the creepy-looking Curtis whose license was previously discovered in the cushions of the boys' sofa is not in fact Vince's stalker; he just used to work at the furniture store where the sofa had been purchased. Nice red herring, Entourage! It turns out that Vince didn't have a stalker at all, but that the "stalker" was part of an elaborate sorority prank centered around obtaining Turtle's boxers. So uh...great use of money on all of that security, Vince!

The other longer term plot this season - and I guess the one that is sticking - has been Lloyd's quest to become a full-on agent. I always wondered if the day would come when Ari broke Lloyd...and this episode finally brought it! After receiving a job offer from Ari's rival Adam Davies, Lloyd attempted to confirm that Ari was truthful in his "100 Days of Hell and then he becomes an agent" promise. This resulted in Ari's adding on more and more days of Hell, which prompted my favorite quote of the episode...Lloyd's "This is not The Breakfast Club, Mr. Gold, this is my life!" Then, after another heated phone call which concludes with Ari's car getting rear-ended, Lloyd makes the bold move of abandoning both Ari and his car, presumably to go accept the offer from Adam Davies.

Lesser plots: Ashley slowly reveals the extent of her crazy (unbeknownst to E), Drama visits 'The Pleasure Chest' to confront Curtis, sorority girls flirt with Turtle and Vince has a fitting for his movie, followed by some completely graphic sex (what's new?).

Other things:

-I love you Zac Efron, but I was not digging your look during this episode. Shower much? And...while this wasn't your fault, I felt like the show could have given you a better plotline for your guest appearance, which barely even contributed anything to the episode (oh! the old one, not the little girl, was obsessed with you - ha ha ha?)

-Do we think Turtle and Jamie Lynn's relationship might be headed towards trouble thanks to some skanky coeds? Or will Turtle resist the temptation?

-For the love of god E, go back to Sloan! (And remind me what redeeming qualities E ever saw in Ashley?)

-I liked that the episode made reference to things in the entertainment world that are actually current with Drama's attempting to get a part in the new Melrose Place...since some of the earlier episodes seemed to have trouble with referencing things that were already dated (Jay Leno at 11:30, Knocked Up, etc.).

What did you think of this episode? 3 more to go for the season...do you think the stalker won't be revealed until the finale?

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Default avatar cat
Sep 14, 2009 3:55PM EDT

I think you missed the point of the sorority girls... There was in actuality no stalker, rather it was a prank they pulled on Turtle to steal his underwear. I'm pretty sure the whole "stalker" story line is over with now. On another note the overarching story line in this season appears to be centered around Ari, first his constant struggle with Andrew and now his conflict with Lloyd.

Default avatar cat
Sep 14, 2009 4:00PM EDT

The resolution of the stalker plot was very anticlimatic with it just being a sorority girl prank to brake in and steal their underwear. Its just sort of, oh I guess there is no stalker ok that all there is to that. Seemed more like a waste of time rather than an actual plot arc. This season seems a little wishywashy, there is no Ari trying to work to get Vince a job, hardly any Ari/Guys interaction other than over the phone. They havent done anything with the potential Vince sex tape thing. I don't know, this season really has not gone anywhere. Best episodes this season, maybe the only two good episodes this season have been the golf tournament and drama threatening the exec for going after Jamie episode.

Large newrachelimage
Sep 14, 2009 4:07PM EDT

You're right, guys...thanks! Clearly I was doing too much mutitasking while watching this episode!

Default avatar cat
Sep 14, 2009 7:12PM EDT

I agree...
-The resolution to the stalker situation was anti-climactic
-I smiled at "The Breakfast Club" throwback
-I was glad Lloyd stood up to Ari b/c he was being really mean (of course, I know they turned that up a notch, so we'd want Lloyd to leave him)
-I've tired of Ashley...from about the time she first appeared on the show, and I have never understood why they chose her to be E's distraction from Sloan, seriously...
-Zac Efron, and his hair, looked horrible and I thought they should have had a more interesting skit for him to be in...
-I wrote a favorable review for the show a few weeks ago, but just like in "Raising The Bar," I'm being made to eat my words again...
-The sorority girls flirting w/Turtle did make me wonder about the future of his current relationship, and I'm interested in seeing where that all goes, so Turtle's s/l prospects are looking up...

Default avatar cat
Sep 15, 2009 7:11PM EDT

We still have the fact that Ashley (probably) broke into Vince's house as well. Seeing as how she's acting a little psycho this episode and we do have the whole thing about the Sloan Pictures unresolved.

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