The Bachelor Season 14 Episode Recap: "Premiere"

Welcome to the episode recaps for the 14th season of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love! Last time we saw the hunky pilot Jake Pavelka, the 31-year-old was having his heart crushed on national television by then-bachelorette Jillian Harris. Now it's Jake's turn to break some hearts and try his luck at finding love.

It only seems appropriate that I ask if everyone is buckled up and ready to take off since the entire first 15 minutes of the show are chock full of corny plane and pilot-related metaphors. You know, for those four people wondering what "on the wings of love" alludes to. Besides learning that Jake is a pilot, we also learn that he's been ready to fall in love and settle down for a long time. He's hoping to find a stable and traditional relationship similar to his parents' long marriage. Thankfully, viewers also get a glimpse back at when dear Jillian broke his heart this past summer on The Bachelorette. The most important thing we learn is that Jake enjoys being shirtless. We see him cook without a shirt on, do house repairs minus a shirt, etc. Am I in a committed relationship? Yes. Am I blind? No.

After getting to know Jake a little better, the camera is turned to the 25 lovely ladies vying to ride in Jake's cockpit (HA! These pilot metaphors can be fun!). Among them are a single mother, a model and a teacher whose mother enjoys ordering her daughter new clothes on a daily basis. As Ashley unwraps another ball gown, she laughs that her mom must really want Jake to fall for her. No honey, your mother just needs a new hobby.

Anyway, no matter how different they are, all the girls agree that a. they are ready to fall in love and b. that Jake is really cute. As these women filter out of their respective limos and board the express flight to love, it's funny to see just how each femme fatale tries to stand out with Jake in their own way.

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