Recap Miami Medical: Season 1, Episode 2 - 88 SECONDS

The team is still trying to figure out their new leader, Proctor, who has an unusual, non-authoritarian leadership style when a sniper shooting in a busy Miami bar, brings several victims into MT1. Zambrano and Dr. C. try to diagnose a diabetic single mother, shot in the kidney, who has a mysterious complication that eludes. When they spot a tiny tumor on her adrenal gland, they realize they must repair the kidney without disturbing the tumor, but when things go south, they end up removing the kidney. Also, Proctor hands Warren one of her first solo cases and she blows it when she doesn't stand up to a surgeon who takes the patient into surgery before Warren clears him. Hoping to redeem herself, Warren figures out that the apparently drunk patient had actually consumed anti-freeze and brings the antidote into surgery, saving him from crashing.

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