Recap Miami Medical: Season 1, Episode 3 - WHAT LIES BENEATH

A bizarre micro-burst wind event blows the tent off a big wedding, including Emily, the bride who's crushed her skull. Despite the skull fracture, Emily is making a good recovery and even volunteers to be a blood donor when they discover her father has a unique blood allergy. When they test her blood, Zambrano uncovers a family secret because the test shows Emily isn't his biological daughter. The family pulls together and Emily's fiancé finally wins over her mother when he volunteers to be tested, despite his injuries. He's not a match but her mother appreciates that he was willing to risk his life for his bride's father. Also, a catering employee named Fortunato arrives, impaled by a 6-foot pole; despite his injuries (including the pole being dangerously close to his heart), Fortunato says he's always been a lucky man. When Dr. C removes the pole, he finds and repairs a congenital heart problem that was a ticking bomb, proving again that Fortunato truly is lucky.

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