How I Met Your Mother Episode Recap: "The Perfect Week" Season 5, Episode 14

In this week's episode, Barney tries to sleep with a different woman every night in order to score the Perfect Week - the "hook up" equivalent to a perfect game in baseball. It turns out that he's doing it because he's facing a big problem at work and needs the distraction. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang is all having their own crummy weeks, so they become immersed in the drama of Barney's conquests.

Future Ted tells us that everyone deals with nerves differently. For example, Barney (who is sitting by himself in a corporate waiting room) likes to deal with his anxiety by pretending that he's being interviewed by sportscaster Jim Nantz. Sure enough, Jim Nantz appears and informs us that every sport has a superstar who rises above the competition, citing Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan as examples. And of course, Barney is the go-to guy for sleeping with random women. Nantz explains that Barney recently attempted an extremely elusive challenge, and asks Barney to tell his story.

Barney explains that the week before, at MacLaren's, he set a challenge for himself: He closed his eyes, pointed randomly, and decided that he would sleep with whatever girl he'd pointed at. And because he's Barney, he's successful.

The next night, Barney sets his sights on a woman at the bar drinking a Black Russian. ("She's going to chase that with a White American," Barney brags.) The night after that, Barney tells the group that he's going to look for a woman with small boobs. Both times, he succeeds. For anyone keeping track, that's three girls in three nights. Lily thinks that's disgusting, even for Barney, but Ted and Marshall recognize the streak for what it is - the potential to become a Perfect Week - seven successful hookups in seven consecutive nights.

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