Recap Miami Medical: Season 1, Episode 5 - GOLDEN HOUR

Proctor is asked by his boss to speak at an important fundraiser to raise money to maintain the level of care at MT1. Though he doesn't want to do it, Proctor decides to challenge his audience by telling the story of an accident that brought 3 victims into the trauma unit that day and asking them which one survived. A homeless man steps on a nail, pulls it out of his shoe and throws it onto the road, where it punctures a bicycle's wheel, sending the cyclist into the front of an oncoming car with two passengers. The homeless man, the cyclist and one of the passenger's end up at the trauma unit. The homeless man nearly bleeds out because he's on blood thinners from a past procedure; he's also not homeless, but suffers from mental issues as the result of prior poor medical treatment. The cyclist has brain swelling and Proctor must remove part of his skull and place it in his abdomen for safe keep -- turns out he also has a rare disease call Sudden Unexplained Death Syndrome, which the trauma doctors are able to diagnose and treat. Finally the driver of the car has multiple abdominal injuries, requiring extensive surgery. The patient who didn't make it was the car passenger who got routed to a local hospital instead of the trauma unit -- she was finally transported to MT1, however it was too late to save her. His speech makes an impact and he's able to raise a sizeable contribution. Also, Zambrano suffers a series of mishaps and accidents which she ultimately interprets as good luck.

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