Recap Miami Medical: Season 1, Episode 6 - CALLE CUBANA

It's Calle Cubana in Miami, a celebration of Cuban culture that has turned into an excuse for mayhem. Shoeless, Dr. C narrowly escapes out of the apartment of a woman he didn't know was married and runs into a guy who has been stabbed. He takes him to the MT1 where Warren assists him in repairing the knife wound. Warren also discovers his esophagus has been injured in the attack and her quick catch saves his life. Zambrano and Proctor work on a teenager who was dumped in their driveway, nearly beaten to death. The teenager turns out to be a girl who lives in a crappy neighborhood. Her father is a cop and isn't able to protect her. Zambrano grew up in the same neighborhood and offers to sponsor her to the magnet school that allowed her to escape the neighborhood. A second stabbing victim, a young woman, arrives at MT1; she was found near the first victim and the knife is embedded in her abdomen. Warren tells her patient about the second victim and how the police want to talk to him to help them ID the assailant. Despite his weakened condition, he gets dressed and starts to make his way out of the hospital, when Tuck tries to stop him. He stabs Tuck in the chest and escapes -- turns out he stabbed the woman and she fought back, managing to stab him, before he completed his attack. Warren feels culpable because she saved the man who attacked Tuck, and the entire team rallies to save Tuck's life.

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