Recap Miami Medical: Season 1, Episode 8 - AN ARM AND A LEG

Lucy, a teenage golf-wonder, is partnered with a threesome of college buddies, Brad, Ryan and Elroy, for a round of golf. There's a lot of good-natured teasing when Ryan's ball ends up in the pond, but panic sets in when an alligator rips his foot off. As they struggle to free Ryan, everyone ends up at MT1. After fixing Lucy's injuries, Dr. C discovers she's got a "flesh eating" bacterial infection. Her father pleads with Dr. C to amputate the arm to save her, but Lucy doesn't want to lose her golfing prospects. This dilemma is complicated by the fact that in 6 hours Lucy will be of age and can make her own decisions. They recover Ryan's foot in the stomach of the alligator and after dealing with some complications, are able to successfully reattach it. Brad, the one member who seemed uninjured, passes out. Turns out, he was hit in the struggle and though he had no symptoms, he was bleeding into his brain. Unfortunately, they discover this too late and he dies. Dr. Sable (the heart surgeon who saved Tuck) asks Proctor on a date, but Proctor doesn't go along with it. He tells her he's the one who'll do the asking, which he finally does.

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