Top Moments: Lost Gives Answers, Idol Crushes Dreams and More!

It was kind of a half-hearted week for TV: The Olympic cauldron malfunctioned, Tiger Woods made a weak apology, Kara DioGuardi tried unsuccessfully to convey an actual emotion and Lost got on our last nerve by giving us an answer that raised 10 more questions. Welcome to Top Moments: Not Quite There Edition.

11. Worst Snafu: After the militaristic precision of the 2008 Beijing Games' spectacular opening ceremonies, it's not unusual that expectations for Vancouver would be more... managed. But who could predict that the mechanized Olympic cauldron would break at the very moment of its unveiling? But that's exactly what happened, as the world watched Wayne Gretzky make this face.

10. Most Poignant Death: On a show like Big Love, all secrets are eventually revealed, and so it goes with Alby's secret affair with handsome (married) Mormon Dale. Though Bill promises to help him "get through this," a distraught Dale instead hangs himself inside the love nest that Alby had secured for their assignations.

9. Worst Table Manners: We've never been fond of Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Scott Disick. But Kourtney's baby daddy sinks to new depths by crashing an important birthday dinner for Kim. When Kris realizes he's had too much to drink, she tries to cut him off, but not in time to prevent a scuffle with a waiter that ends with Scott shoving a $100 bill in the poor guy's mouth.

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