It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Episode Recap: "The Gang Buys A Boat" Season 6, Episode 3

A couple of seasons ago, Dennis and Mac came up with a certain website which seems to have worked out to their financial benefit. Well, to the tune of $2,500. Fortunately, that is a huge sum of money to them and they immediately decide that buying a boat is the most sound, smartest, most reasonable, no, I supposed just the coolest, investment they could make.

Each is in it for their own reasons. Mac, being the adrenaline junkie that he is, is in it for speed. He and Dennis also crave a "P Diddy" style party boat. Charlie is more concerned with the shrimping aspect to owning a boat. He wants enough to equal the loads Forrest Gump would bring in. Dee just wants to take the boat out on the open waters and get loaded.

They end up finding a boat that meets their budget, though you would think it was a bad sign that it is called "The Drowning Sailor." The boat certainly fits the name.

They put Frank and Charlie to work cleaning the outside, while the rest of the gang works internally on décor. Dee, rather immediately, throws on some hip-hop, grabs a bottle of champagne, and attempts to live the dream.

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