Blue Bloods' Will Estes: Secret Society Twist Is Like The Godfather

It's a bold analogy, but Blue Bloods star Will Estes will make it anyway.

After learning of the secret society twist in the CBS family cop drama, the actor says he immediately thought of another famed celluloid clan - albeit one on the other side of the law.

"It reminds me of Michael Corleone in The Godfather, if I may be so brave as to draw that comparison," Estes tells us. "I definitely wasn't expecting it, but it's so intriguing and a fantastic thing for the audience to watch."

In the closing minutes of the pilot, Estes' rookie cop Jamie Reagan, the youngest member of the family, is approached by two FBI agents who share some revealing information and make him an offer that maybe he can refuse. His late brother Joe was part of a rogue group of NYPD officers called the Blue Templar, and he was working with the agents to investigate the group. "They basically said, 'Your brother, who you think died in a bust-gone-bad, actually died at the hands of these guys. Do you want to join us and finish what he started?' And it's just a complete shock to him," Estes says. "He's fresh out of the academy, [has] not even been on the streets yet, and now he has this hanging over his head."

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