Grey's Anatomy Episode Recap: "Blink" Season 6, Episode 11

In this episode of Grey's Anatomy, Addison returns to Seattle Grace to operate on Mark's daughter Sloan, whose baby faces the threat of losing its leg. Meanwhile, Derek becomes more suspicious of the Chief when he gives away a high-profile surgery, Alex looks to move on from his troubled marriage with Izzie, and tensions grow between Teddy, Cristina and Owen after Teddy assigns Cristina a valve replacement surgery.

A time bomb in a uterus

Things are strained at the Sloan household, as Lexie is not fond of her new roommate, Mark's daughter, Sloan. (She is even forced to shower at Callie and Yang's place, which I am pretty sure was written only as a way to see Calzona making out in the shower.) Lexie agrees, however, to give Sloan an ultrasound at Mark's request. When she discovers that amniotic bands are wrapped around the baby's legs, potentially causing the baby to lose a limb, Mark calls in Addison Montgomery.

Sloan, worried that she will have a "stumpy," "gimp" baby, decides to proceed with the risky surgery. But when Addison sees the arteries are engorged, Mark decides proceeding any further with the surgery is too risky and demands that Addison shut the surgery down. Although she's angry at Mark, she tells him that he was acting like a parent, not a doctor, which is as much of a compliment as it is a condemnation. Once things cool down (and Sloan freaks out), Lexie suggests that Mark take Sloan to L.A. where Addison can finish the surgery. (ABC crossover stunts are so non-obvious!) Realizing that he's figuring this parenting thing out, Mark agrees, but also tells Sloan she can live at his place and they can raise the baby together, mother and grandfather style.

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