Greek Season 3, Episode 5: "Down on Your Luck" - Review

On Greek, it seemed like everyone was feeling a little lackluster - the ZBZ pledges are dragging down the sorority's image, Evan was bummed about needing a new job to pay for his house dues, and Jordan is feeling lost, needing something to look forward to.

Despite the negative tone, problem-solving has never been so easy as at Cypress Rhodes University. Once again Greek delivers a feel-good episode that is sure to lift everyone's spirits.

Check out the latest Greek quotes below:

Evan: You know, I almost punched a guy in there because he asked for more gravy?

Cappie: That sounds like a worthy fight to me!

Casey: We may be November, but we're still July in spirit.

Ashley: Hey, I'm working with a budget here, and it was between a new sprinkler system or the new flat screen TV.

Casey: And you chose the TV?

Ashley: Well, I didn't know it was between our safety and Dancing with the Stars in high def!

Laura: Hell to the no! I'm not in a number 4 sorority!

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