'Top Chef's Robin: They Hated Me

But not only that, axed Top Chef contestant Robin Leventhal says people have been telling her that it was Eli who should've been eliminated last week on the Bravo cooking show.

"So many people told me it should have been Eli. People thought it was going to be Eli."

But it wasn't Eli, who now remains to be the only obstacle before the final four is revealed, a Top Chef final four that everyone kind of predicted since this Las Vegas edition kicked off. Yet Robin admitted that while the judges found Eli's dish disgusting, she knew she deserved to go home, regardless.

"I knew in my heart I failed at such a fundamental dish that I did deserve to go home. It was my time."

Eli and Robin weren't exactly the best of friends when the latter was still in contention. But if Robin were to be asked, it wasn't just Eli who weren't a big fan of her.

"They hated me," Robin says of her fellow chef-testants. "I think they just wanted to hate me."

But contrary to other cases where the sort of villain was portrayed evilly via careful editing, Robin's case is different, she said.

"It was truly bad," she said. "[However] there's a little retribution in there because they were ugly and the whole country gets to see it now. And I hope that they see it. But I can't be remorseful for their, um, immaturity. I think I'll leave it at that."

Finally, Robin revealed that they just filmed the Top Chef reunion episode and she and Mike I. wouldn't be sending Christmas cards to each other.

"I was like, 'You didn't really hate me that much, did you?' And he was like, 'No, I did.'"

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