Katherine Scoop on 'Desperate Housewives'

Everyone's still pretty mum on who will die on the much-debated plane crash on Desperate Housewives, but Dana Delaney, who plays semi-cuckoo Katherine on the ABC comedy, has pretty much ruled out one possibility. That's a start, wouldn't you say?

Delaney reveals to Fox News that the Desperate Housewives cast is already filming the highly anticipated cliffhanger, and at least one character would be safe.

"This week we're shooting a big plane crash on Wisteria Lane," she said. "My character has just been knifed and is in the hospital, so I avoid the plane crash."

Bad news for the Susan (Teri Hatcher) fans (if there's any) who'd like to see her dead.

But aside from picking up trash in the side of the road in humiliating orange over-alls (and a pink headband), more harsh stuff are in the horizon for Katherine. We know she can be a bitch sometimes, but who would be mad enough to actually stab her?

On the last episode of Desperate Housewives, Katherine had sort of a breakdown, after she was relegated to trash-picking duties along with Susan, but somehow ended up gloating to her that she and Mike had more sex back then, imaginary or otherwise. Let's just say, just when you think she's down and out, she comes back with an uppercut.

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