Gossip Girl' Season 3, Episode 21 Recap: You can't 'Affair to Remember' me!

For a second - hell, for much this season - I thought the group of Upper East Siders I'd come to love for their collaborative scheming was gone forever, lost in a world of individual plots that kept me entertained but failed to thrill as they once did. But after 'Ex-Husbands and Wives,' I can gladly say, welcome back, '*itches.'

So last night, Dr. van der Woodsen's house of prescription pill bottles came crashing down as revelations emerged about his dealings with Dr. Holland Kemble (the neighbor who last week lied and told Serena she slept with Rufus; forgive me as I shudder in disgust). The pair's arrangement was pieced together and exposed by our favorite cunning characters' and Dan, resulting in Dr. vdW's almost arrest (yes, he got away). But that's only the tip of the scandal. Let's dip into the 'mailbag' for some questions.

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