Recap Rules of Engagement: Season 2, Episode 08 - Fix Ups & Downs

Jeff's distaste for fix-ups is made worse when a couple Audrey and Jennifer have introduced don't work out during a triple-date, leaving him stuck with the bill. Jeff feels that Adam should be responsible for half of the tab, as one half of the couple was a friend of Jennifer's, but Adam refuses, saying that Jeff's big mouth caused the couple to leave. Jeff continues to give Adam a hard time about it, until Adam tries to pay Jeff back with expensive Broadway tickets that Jennifer had originally offered as their treat. Jeff refuses to accept the tickets as payment and he and Adam argue all the way to the theatre, prompting Audrey and Jennifer to demand that they sort out their problems outside. With their wives inside the show, Jeff and Adam scalp their tickets, making their money back and then some. Meanwhile, Russell spends a week riding the elevators at Jennifer and Adam's apartment building, trying to track down the woman of his dreams. When he finally sees her again, he tries to explain his attraction, but she's terrified of his stalker-like behavior and maces him in the elevator. Fortunately, another neighbor who owns a modeling agency offers to fix him up with one of her girls. He agrees with a smile.

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