'Rescue Me' - 'Sanctuary ' Recap Season 6, Episode 6

I come from a big Irish family, and alcohol and merriment have always been a part of our family functions. But thank goodness we're nothing like the Gavins of 'Rescue Me.' As Father Phil suggested on the show last night, the clan might need a group exorcism to rid them of their demons.

The Gavins aren't the only ones facing their possible mortality -- as Garrity's friend closes in on the end of his battle with cancer, a trip to the ballet pushes him to an emotional breaking point; while Colleen is taken on several trips throughout the episode in an attempt to help her see the light.

It was an interesting task this week to make Colleen the centerpiece of the episode while not making her the star. This was still Tommy's story. Other than a side trip to the ballet, he was in the midst of everything that went down, and now he's going to pay the legal price for his actions. The police got involved twice, and the second time they actually got to arrest someone.

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