Top Chef': Kevin Splitting Up With Wife

Yes, one more bearded chef back in the market. In something that can potentially explain his somehow lax performance toward the homestretch of Top Chef, Kevin Gillespie tells USA Today that the final few episodes of the Bravo cooking show coincided with the "lowest point" of an ongoing split with his wife.

"My wife and I are going through a divorce," he says says. "So it's been really challenging. And all of this was going on during Top Chef, which kind of puts some context around why, in the final two episodes, I seemed out of it. It was kind of at the lowest point for us."

Kevin, 26, who on the Top Chef reunion show revealed that he won a total of $45,000 in the high-stakes quickfire challenges, reveals that he's getting a tattoo of an eagle to symbolize this juncture in his life.

"I've decided that I'm getting a tattoo with an eagle to sort of sum up in many ways that idea of, I don't have to be held down by any sort of bad situation. You rise above it, and you move on with life. You have the freedom to do those things."

Also on the Top Chef reunion show, Kevin's fat kid bonding with fellow contestant Eli was shed more light - apparently, the two spent a good deal of the season talking about science. He says he watns to get the phrase "It's fun to be smart" on a t-shirt.

As for his non-personal post-Top Chef plans, he'll continue to work at his restaurant, which recently got its fourth star.

"[But] More than anything, I want people to remember that I am a restaurant chef, so most of my time will be spent there. I'm hoping to start working on a book, some other things like that. It's hard to say what the future has in store for me."

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