'The Office' Star Gets Praise from Meryl Streep in Upcoming Rom-Com

John Krasinski is making good use of his time away from The Office, and in the process he's getting raves from his co-stars, otherwise acting heavyweights, in an upcoming romantic comedy. Steve Martin, Meryl Streep, and Alec Baldwin appear with Krasinski in It's Complicated and the 30-year-old, says some critics, is stealing every scene he has with these giants.

"He's so cute," says Martin. "He's so great," says Streep.

Its Complicated director, producer, and writer Nancy Meyer agrees. Without Jim Halpert's altergo, she says, there wouldn't be half as much fun. "He speaks for the audience because we're watching all this and going, 'Oh, God. No way.' He is one of us."

Krasinski was supposed to be in only a few scenes in the movie, but it turned out to be one of those things when the fun erupted and necessitated more scenes. That being said, he said working with The Meryl Streep was still nerve-racking.

"It was my first day, and it was our first big scene together. As Zoe (Kazan, as Streep's middle child) is driving away, I put my arm around Meryl, and I say, 'They grow up so fast.' I was slowly trying not to feel so awkward, but every single one of my fingers knew I was touching Meryl Streep."

Apart from Streep, Krasinski also had some big scenes with Baldwin, who appears on erstwhile The Office timeslot competitor 30 Rock. He said he and Baldwin shared a bathroom together in one scene and it turned out to be hilarious.

"Alec just grabbed me and did that," he said. "I remember laughing in my head, and I think you can still see me breaking a little. I was like, 'Man, what a guy. He is just crazy. That will never be used.'"

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