Glee Episode Recap: "Journey" Season 1, Episode 22

It's season finale time for Glee! It was a little more than a year ago that the series debuted after American Idol crowned Kris Allen the new winner. An Idol champ later, and we're finally saying farewell for the summer to the series.

So what's in store for the Season 1 finale? It's the moment we've been waiting for: Regionals, where New Directions will face off with Vocal Adrenaline. Will the McKinley High glee club be victorious? Not if Sue Sylvester has anything to say about it. Also on deck: Quinn gives birth, Finn and Rachel get cozy - and we shed a tear that we won't see a new episode for several long months.

The episode opens with Sue's continued reign of terror; this time stretching as far as becoming a judge at regionals. While Will tries to get the principal to stop this madness, Sue states that she's famous, meaning she can't be stopped. After Sue takes another iconic dig at Will's hair, the glee club coach must break the news to his pupils.

Before that, though, we get a flashback to just before Puck planted his seed in Quinn. His words ring true of high school society when speaking of how neither of them will know or care about Finn and how he'll feel in three years.

As Puck talks dirty to her by saying "you're not fat," we flash to present-day where the club has gathered at Will's house to choose their set list for regionals. Unfortunately, the club has already resigned to the fact that Sue will make sure they lose, meaning the end of New Directions.

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