Review: Eastwick - Paint and Pleasure, Episode 8

Even though Eastwick has gotten the big ol' axe, I'll cover it til the bitter end, gosh darnit. I believe it has one more episode, which airs next week.

At this point, it seems kind of silly to invest more emotional energy into the show, but even though it's had some trouble finding its footing, Eastwick has gotten consistently more interesting. In particular, I was looking forward to seeing where the romance and lust between Darryl and Roxie would go. It got a little more heated this week, and there's plenty of sparks there.

The crush Joanna had on Will seems to have all but vanished, and she seems cool with Kat going out with him. Kat, on the other hand, isn't quite sure what she's doing. When she saw Ray making out with another woman, her furor stirred things up and sent a piano, among other things, flying.

The witch's powers were just starting to get interesting, and now we'll never get to see them use those powers to the max. Really, that's what appealed to me most about the show, and it's taken a long time to get that storyline revved up.

While the three witches -- Kat, Joanna and Roxie -- seemed to have good chemistry together, I couldn't really wrap my head around the Joanna/Penny friendship. At one point, it seemed like Penny might be heading down a more nefarious path, but then the story pulled her back and focused on her friendship with Joanna. Much of this episode centered on that, and I just wanted to get back to the witches.

Like when Penny lambasted Joanna for making their friendship all about her. "I'm through watching you shine," said Penny. And Joanna said that Penny was the one she always ran to when things went wrong. Really? I never got that up to this point. It seemed like even though the three witches were just getting to know each other, they had the sort of chemistry that seemed like they'd been friends forever.

As for Darryl, I really saw his sex appeal in this episode. And he seemed almost human with this exchange, talking about Roxie's budding art career:

Roxie: "You really believe in me, don't you?"

Darryl: "I do."

Roxie: "What if I fail?"

Darryl: "You won't."

And it was great to see Rosanna Arquette!

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