'Glee' season finale Recap: Journey to the Center of the Birth - Season 1, Episode 22

I've been trying to collect my feelings on the first season of Glee. It's difficult. For one thing, the experience has been spread out over the course of a year. There was awe-inspiring debut back in May 2009. Then the unsteady episodes in early fall - forget all the fake pregnancies, remember Acafellas? But the show found its footing, and turned into a cross-platform phenomenon. Sectionals was just about perfect... right in time for a months-long hiatus.

The back nine episodes have been a mixed bag. That's to be expected. Glee was the out-of-nowhere underdog when it debuted. A cast of unknowns, most of them shockingly normal-looking? And in a musical drama, a genre that hasn't been successful since, lemme think, NEVER ONCE IN TV HISTORY? There's bound to be whiplash when a show like that turns into a phenomenon. Look no further than the first words of the Previously On narration on last night's season finale: I dunno anyone who'd miss an episode of Glee. Very cheeky, Previously On Narrator. Hubris alert! Icarus: meet the Sun.

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