Review: So You Think You Can Dance - 2 of 12 Voted Off - Season 6, Episode 18

I'm surprised how well So You Think You Can Dance can cover up the fact that the first 30 minutes can be wasted in just finding out who the bottom three were. It felt like the two-couples-at-a-time technique worked better than having three couples up at one time. One thing I'm happy to see in the recaps are the slo-mo camera angles. Other angles only show up on Dancing with the Stars when someone trips or falls.

Sure, the show could be completed in 30 minutes, but at least they filled the time with a strong group performance, ballet, and Shakira.

Group Performance - "What's a Girl Gotta Do" - I was happy to see The Alice in Wonderland inspired piece. I was even more shocked when they said that Tabitha and Napoleon were the choreographers; I guess I expect only good Lyrical Hip-Hop pieces from them. I laughed when they incorporated the duck walk, which is a very vogue style of movement. Of course, they let Legacy do some break-dancing, but the performance didn't need it to make it better.

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