Recap: "Hey! Mr. Pibb!"

This week on FX's Damages, Ellen and Tom hit the road, Michael learned the truth, and Purcell had a big surprise for Patty. On with the (belated) recap!

Sorry for the 24-hour delay here, gang, but I figured better late than never. Truth is, regular Damages recaps might be hard to come by from here on, though I'll try to find a sub. But enough mea culpa-tude, how about this episode?! I have to say, ever since we saw that Daniel was "in bed with" Claire (at least figuratively), I was wondering if he was going to pull on Patty what he pulled during the 10-years-ago IBC case. Well, more on that later. From the top....

We pick up with Purcell in his country home kitchen, washing dishes while (alive) wife Christine begs him to come out and "play" with her on the swings. Daniel, though, is intent on scrubbing his plates clean, leaving his wife vulnerable to an intruder who, well, we can only imagine. And ... end dream/nightmare, as Daniel wakes up in prison in a sweat.

Patty tells Ellen about the reporter, Josh, who has gone missing in West Virginia. Ergo, Ellen and Tom are "Road trip!"-ing down to find him. Ellen, never forgetting to take her stupid pills, balks, promoting patty to snip, "The next time I give you an assignment, just nod your head and get it done." That tees up a five-month flash-forward where Ellen is visited at home by a person (in women's boots?) carrying money. Cut to shots firing from Ellen's gun, and Ellen dashing out of her apartment toting the money-filled briefcase.

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